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  • Studio Quality Audio Performance That Will Blow You Away!

    Posted on March 24, 2015 by Pacific Radio



    Looking for a compact, highly reliable mixer with lots of inputs and clean mixing? Then be prepared to be blown away by the crisp, clean sound offered by the RDL EZ SERIES Mixer Amplifiers. Experience clean highs and thunderous bass with no sound distortion - all packed into compact designed units that offer ample power for applications in smaller venues such as clubs, restaurants, conference and meeting rooms, studios, houses of worship, PA systems, home component systems and commercial sound systems.

    The RDL EZ-series includes a broad range of stand-alone units that include distribution amplifiers for headphones, line level audio, XGA/XGA video, mixer amplifiers and more.

    With a range of mounting accessories available for the RDL EZ-series all the models offered can easily be installed in single or multiple racks. Connected using standard cables, the EZ series range can be operated without the need for any tools.

    When it comes to quality RDL has left no stone unturned by offering gold-plated connectors for reliable connections, and solid-state circuitry for audio and video switching to avoid dilapidation due to dirty switches.

    One of the top products in this line is the RDL EZ-MX4ML 4 Channel Microphone and Stereo Line Audio Mixer.


    The EZ-MX4ML is a stereo audio mixer with 4 line inputs: two mic and two line inputs. All line inputs are connected via RCA jacks, and one also includes a MINI-jack. Easily connect microphones through balanced XLR jacks. With both left and right channel LED VU metering, you can achieve easy level adjustment no matter what your application!

    Another innovative product that RDL introduced is the EZ Series Composite Video and Stereo Audio Hum Killer. The EZ-HK3 for example, is a composite video/stereo audio isolation transformer that eliminates hum and offers crisp, clean sound output. Both input/output connections are offered through gold-plated connectors, and hum due to ground loops is eliminated when the module is installed between an unbalanced audio or video source such as a DVD player and the inputs of a grounded amplifier like a projector in an A/V system.

    Another range that RDL are very well known for are the RDL FORMAT-A twisted pair products.

    If you're looking for professional, studio-quality audio performance then this is the line for you!

    The RDL FORMAT-A range includes modules that send, receive or distribute signals - namely, senders, receivers and distributors that rival shielded wiring. Like all of RDL's products this series also comes with its own line of mounting accessories and enclosures for easy installation including wall and cabinet-mount available in Decora style and chassis mount for convenient rack mounting.

    The way Format-A works is that it uses 1 pair for power and 3 pairs solely for signals. Sending and receiving units use 1, 2 or 3 pair for audio signals. For single-pair modules you can choose which of the three pairs you want to use to send/receive signals. Two-pair modules are used for stereo audio. Three-pair modules send/receive 3 separate signals. One of the main features of the RDL Format-A range is that the modules allow power to be connected at the most efficient location in the entire installation, as often times it is inconvenient to power modules at the beginning or end of a chain.

    One product that stands out in the RDL Format-A range is the silver DS-HA1A Format-A Stereo Headphone Amplifier.

    D-HA1A Format-A-pac-rad

    A two pair receiver/audio headphone amplifier, it is compatible with RDL Format-A twisted pair products. Each module receives power and stereo audio through a RJ45 jack located on the real panel linked from a Format-A sender.

    The front panel houses the volume control and headphone output jack. RDL has designed this module with no illumination for uses in dark locations such as hotel rooms where illumination could be distracting. The stereo amplifier is built for high audio quality and reduced noise performance. The module offers superior hum rejection, low distortion and is suitable to be used in guest rooms and hotel rooms with bedside and washroom listening stations.

    If you're an InfoComm member or work as a professional AV technician you'll truly appreciate the high-sound quality and ease of installation offered by both the RDL EZ-Series and RDL Format-A series range of products. With outstanding audio quality for compact but powerful designed modules, these units are easy to mount and come with the superior RDL performance quality you've come to expect and rely on. Designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.!

    Here at PacRad, we stock the complete line of RDL EZ-Series and Format-A series modules. Browse our website to see all of the RDL products we carry.

    Don't see an RDL product in-stock on our website? No problem! As a preferred RDL distributor we have access to RDL's entire line of products available through drop shipping. So if you're looking for a specific RDL product, feel free to call or email us at (800) 634-9476 or and we can order it in for you!

    Join us for an EXCLUSIVE new product demo with Radio Design Labs, on April 1st 2015 from 12pm-2pm! The experts at RDL will be showcasing and demoing new and best-selling products. You don't want to miss out!

    Meet and greet industry peers, learn about the newest products and check out the ever-expanding inventory at PacRad.

    We will be raffling out several prizes the day of the event, including the new D series-PSP1A Decora Speaker. FREE LUNCH INCLUDED!


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  • RDL DS-SP1A - A Compact Decora Speaker that Delivers Big on Sound!

    Posted on March 12, 2015 by Pacific Radio


    Looking for a compact wall-mountable loudspeaker that delivers big on sound? You can't go wrong with the new D Series-SP1A 2 Watt Decora-Style 8 Ohm Loudspeaker from Radio Design Labs (RDL).

    Designed for easy installation and mounting in a standard single gang North American electrical switchbox, a surface mount box, or RDL's own desktop chassis and wall boxes, this ultra-compact Decora speaker offers a complete package - wide frequency range, excellent clarity and lasting durability.

    These qualities make it a reliable and preferred choice for use as a near field monitor in various field applications including conference rooms and banquet halls, stadiums, courtrooms, municipalities and legislative chambers, broadcast facilities, medical facilities, universities, educational institutions and more.

    If you're an InfoComm member or work as a professional AV technician you'll truly appreciate the high-sound quality and wide frequency range usually expected of larger speakers that the DS-SP1A is capable of delivering in such a small package. The driver itself is manufactured of materials used to construct premium larger speakers. You also have the flexibility of deciding on a wall or chassis mount based on the requirements of the job.

    Let's take a detailed look at all the core features of the RDL DS-SP1A 2 Watt Decora-Style 8 Ohm Loudspeaker:


    • Outstanding audio quality for a compact speaker
    • Decora-style enclosure that is acoustically optimized
    • Easily mounts onto a wall or flat surface
    • Exceptional audio quality through the convex aluminum cone design with rubber surround and hemispheric dispersion (almost 180° with the speaker used as a wall-mount)!
    • Superior neodymium driver ensures audio precision and frequency range equal to larger drivers
    • Limiter/compressor thwarts clipping
    • Uses a twisted-pair cable to connect to format-A sender
    • Long-lasting push buttons and top-quality connectors
    • Fits special RDL wall boxes designed to fit in narrow walls for international installations
    • Choose from an attractive stainless steel facade, painted models and matching metal trim plates
    • Designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.!


    The D series-PSP1A delivers crisp, rich sound through an audio amplifier used in conjunction with RDL Format A twisted pair range of products. A RJ45 jack set at the back ensures the PSP1A receives 24V DC power and audio.

    As an AV contractor, during the installation process you can decide the settings on the real-panel switch to determine which of the 3 format-A pairs is amplified. Amplification is given through a high-efficiency class D power stage that filters audio to provide exceptional audio clarity. Users can easily control the amplified output by a volume control switch located on the front-panel.


    • Intercom/PA systems
    • Conference rooms/Banquet Halls
    • Music distribution to multiple rooms in a facility
    • Observation rooms
    • Green rooms
    • Museums
    • Stadiums
    • Theme parks
    • Desktop audio system for the passionate musician and audiophile!
    • Public restrooms / bathrooms
    • Classrooms/University lecture halls
    • Medical facilities
    • Municipalities
    • Wherever a high-performance, ultra-compact, wall, or surface mounted speaker is needed!

    Here at PacRad, we stock top quality RDL desktop, in-wall and chassis mount speakers to suit any installation need. Browse our website to see all of the RDL products we carry.

    Don't see an RDL product in-stock on our website? No problem! As a preferred RDL distributor we have access to RDL's entire line of products available through drop shipping. So if you're looking for a specific RDL product, feel free to call or email us at (800) 634-9476 or and we can order it in for you!

    Join us for an EXCLUSIVE new product demo with Radio Design Labs, on April 1st 2015 from 12pm-2pm! The experts at RDL will be showcasing and demoing new and best-selling products. You don't want to miss out!

    Meet and greet industry peers, learn about the newest products and check out the ever-expanding inventory at PacRad.

    We will be raffling out several prizes the day of the event, including the new D series-PSP1A Decora Speaker.  FREE LUNCH INCLUDED!


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  • Are All BNC Connectors Created Equal? Read This Post to Find Out!

    Posted on February 18, 2015 by Pacific Radio


    Crimp-ons or Twist-ons? 50 Ohm or 75 Ohm?

    When it comes to BNC Connectors how do you decide which type is the best option for you?

    In this post we'll discuss the different types of BNC connectors available in the market, and help you decide which ones are most suitable to your connectivity needs.

    Let's start with a quick overview of what a BNC connector is:

    What is a BNC Connector?

    A BNC connector, is a small radio frequency connector used for connecting and disconnecting coaxial cables. BNC connectors are most frequently used for coaxial cable connections in television, radio, radio-frequency equipment, computer, media player, stereo speaker, camera, and other data network and audio/video applications that call for a radio frequency connector.

    Being easy to install, they ensure a strong connection and are especially handy when you need to combine them with let's say, an RCA connector that's connected to a coaxial cable.

    BNC is an acronym for Bayonet Neill-Concelman and was named for its bayonet mount mechanism and after its inventors, Paul Neill and Carl Concelman.

    What are the different types of BNC connectors?

    BNC Crimp-on Connector

    Crimp-on connectors are available in 2 piece or 3 piece and are popular amongst most professional installers as they provide strong, secure connections. Agreed, they're not the easiest to install, but with only two tools (a coax cable stripper and a coax crimping tool), you end up with a high-quality connection that's worth the extra effort.

    BNC Twist-on Connector

    Requiring no tools, Twist-on Connectors are a breeze to install. Obviously, you still need a coax cable stripper to strip the cable before you install, but once that is done you can pretty much use your hands to attach the connector to the coaxial cable. Many professional installers believe Twist-on BNC's don't provide the same level of reliability that crimp-on or compression BNC's do, but as long as you trim the cable to the correct length, we believe you can get a fairly secure connection with the Twist-on BNC.

    BNC Compression Connector

    Compression connectors, available in BNC, RCA and F series connectors provide one of the strongest, durable connections as they offer visual feedback on the cable's entry point, improved signal impedance resulting in better performance, and simple installation involving compression tools that help reduce signal ingress/egress, prevent moisture penetration and leaks, and ensure high-quality connections and signal reliability.

    So, what's the difference between 50 Ohm and 75 Ohm?

    Some people think that there is only one type of BNC Connector, when in fact there are two types: 50 Ohm and 75 Ohm.

    The use of each connector depends on the radio frequency used. For example, frequencies lower than 2GHz use 50 Ohm whereas frequencies that are lower than 4GHz use 75 Ohm.

    The reason most people think there is only one type, namely the 50 Ohm BNC connector version is because this was the only type used in the past, where it was connected to cables and the difference in the wires wasn't very noticeable when it came to low frequency connections. In recent years the 75 Ohm type of BNC connector was introduced to deal with connections that call for higher frequency, and it is easily recognized by the missing or smaller dielectric at each of its mating ends.

    In terms of application, 50 Ohm BNC connectors are used for audio/antenna transmission and older analog video applications. But for superior performance in audio/video applications like HDTVs, 75 Ohm BNC's are a must. Nowadays you even have the new HD-BNC’s, also known as mini's to support reliable HD connections.

    Why Neutrik BNC Connectors?

    For true HDTV connectivity you can't go wrong with Neutrik's 75 Ohm BNC connector, that offers improved shielding, gold-plated ground contact, and is designed for a high frequency HDTV signal up to 4.5 GHz!

    As technology improves it calls for connectors that can adapt to rising frequencies and connector shielding becomes a vital aspect to consider when choosing a connector. Also unlike low-quality BNC connectors, Neutrik BNC connectors avoid tilting due to side forces and side pulling issues.

    Key Features of Neutrik BNC Connectors:

    • “rearTWIST Principle” locking/unlocking mechanism for easy access
    • Twisting from the back not front for effortless handling and perfect for recessed bulkheads
    • Real 75 Ohm to meet strict HDTV / DVD specifications
    • Snug-fit center pin that assures tactile feedback
    • Safe shielding and jacket crimping technologies help prevent exposed grounding issues on cable assemblies
    • Superior cable protection and longevity
    • Large version available for RG 11 cable
    • Accurate Swiss-machined brass parts for exceptional resilience
    • Color coded boots available in 10 standard colors, including crimp tool and dies for installation

    So to conclude, when deciding on the type of BNC connector you want to use question what you are using it for. For HDTV applications you can't go wrong with a 75 Ohm BNC. Also question how easy it is to install and how reliable you want the connection to be. The last thing you want to do is spend a lot of time attaching the connector to the cable - so make sure you pick the type you are most comfortable using and installing.

    To learn more about BNC connectors and which connector type to use in which application visit our Neutrik Lunch and Learn event!

    JOIN US for a FREE Lunch & Learn with Neutrik and learn all about how to incorporate the world's leading connector brand in all your audio, video, lighting, data and industrial needs. Neutrik's Technical Sales team will be demoing product and will be available to answer all your questions!



    Pacific Radio Electronics


    3031 Thornton Avenue, Burbank, CA 91504


    Wednesday, February 25 2015 12:00 PM — 2:00 PM

    Price: FREE!


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  • Professional Entertainment Connector Systems with Neutrik

    Posted on January 22, 2015 by Pacific Radio

    Neutrik at Pacific Radio

    Innovative Solutions | Superior Quality

    Whether you're looking to setup a simple home theater system or a state-of-the-art professional entertainment system with audio mixing boards that DJ's and other audio professionals use, you'll most likely want a top-quality amplifier for your sound system, dependable cable wires to transport the sound waves, and connectors to easily and securely connect the cables to the speakers. Compromise on quality in any step of the process, and you're left with substandard sound quality and performance.

    When shopping for connectors, always look for high quality and high performance connectors to ensure a clean and secure connection. You can either buy the good ones to begin with or buy the cheap ones and endure poor connectivity issues and then turn right around and buy the best brand on the market.

    For over 35 years Neutrik has been a pioneer in the design, development and manufacturing of electrical products and systems. Being the leading manufacturer of audio, circular, coaxial and power connectors, Neutrik stays well ahead of the curve when it comes to the production of high-performance innovative connectors and leads the way in the professional audio-video market today.

    Neutrik's connector range includes everything from:

    • XLR connectors
    • plugs
    • jacks
    • speaker connectors
    • data connectors
    • power connectors
    • BNC connectors
    • patch bays and panels
    • fiber optic connection systems
    • and more!


    Let's take a closer look at some of the top Neutrik connector types that PacRad offers:

    Neutrik powerCON Connectors
    Ergonomic, lockable, robust 3 pole equipment (AC) connectors

    Neutrik powerCON connectors are AC connectors that offer a locking device to guarantee a safe and secure power connection. Their main uses include connecting amplifiers, power lines of lighting applications and more.

    The main advantage of the Neutrik powerCON is their high current capacity in a small space and its ability to be used as a power supply in industrial applications due to its advanced locking system in comparison to standard non-locking connectors.

    Adhering to all modern safety standards such as SEV, UL, CSA and VDE and using a colored power inlet-outlet coding to prevent a short circuit, you can't go wrong with powerCON!

    Neutrik etherCON Connectors
    Ruggedized and lockable for demanding environments

    Neutrik etherCON are robust RJ45 connectors that are used in data transmission applications like digital audio and Ethernet. Best suited for industrial use, especially under harsh conditions and high traffic areas, they are designed for professional audio, video and stage lighting, industrial Ethernet, and digital audio network applications.

    Neutrik opticalCON Connectors
    Fiber optic connectors for quicker connections

    Neutrik opticalCON connectors are advanced LC connectors, offering all-metal durable protection, designed to guarantee a safe, dust-free, secure connection. Optimized with four channels, the opticalCON fiber optic connector series is best used for Point-to-Point interconnections and multi-channel routing applications.

    The opticalCON Duo cable connector comes pre-assembled with your choice of cable. With an innovative spring loaded push and pull mechanism and exceptional dirt protection, these are not your ordinary fiber optic cables. They are a breeze to install for camera or data connections, studio floors, rentals, touring, point-to-point audio, broadcasting and more. Email us today to place a special order for opticalCON products:

    JOIN US for a FREE Lunch & Learn with Neutrik and learn all about how to incorporate the world's leading connector brand in all your audio, video, lighting, data and industrial needs. Neutrik's Technical Sales team will be demoing product and will be available to answer all your questions!


    Pacific Radio Electronics
    3031 Thornton Avenue, Burbank, CA 91504

    Wednesday, February 25 2015 12:00 PM — 2:00 PM

    Price: FREE!


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  • 3 Hot Gift Ideas for Last Minute Holiday Shopping

    Posted on December 14, 2014 by Pacific Radio

    It's that time of the year again, and holiday deals are coming to a close fast. With less than two weeks to the holidays, at Pacific Radio we've saved the best for last - so whether you're shopping for the handyman in your life, the music lover or the holiday party geek, grab these while you can - while supplies last!

    1. Give the Gift That Will Last a Lifetime for Just Over $100


    If you have a professional handyman or a jack of all trades in your life, you can't go wrong with the Klein Tools 55456-BPL Tradesman Pro™ Organizer Tech Backpack. Tool bags from Klein Tools beat the test of time and represent everything the brand is best known for - top quality and lasting durability.

    This latest high-tech tool bag addition will leave your handyman with a new sense of pride as he walks off to any job.  Any good handyman or A/V professional will tell you that carrying a laptop to a job can be just as important as a power drill or a screw driver. Featuring separate sections to keep electronic devices safe from other tools, and color-coded organization on the inside, it won't take him more than a few seconds to find the tool he needs!

    Sporting a rock-solid design, protective molded front pocket and bottom, twenty-five carefully designed pockets to fit everything from a laptop to adapters, cables, safety glasses, sharp tools and more this is so much more than your ordinary tool bag.

    Go ahead, give the gift of a lifetime. He will thank you for many decades to come!

    2. Professional Quality at an Affordable Price for Music Lovers


    Jazz. Classical. Swing. Rock...or Christmas music. It doesn't matter what they're playing, music lovers are always looking out for the best, newest gadgets on the market, and when it comes to finding the best set of headphones, the Shure SRH240A Professional Quality Headphones are a solid gift choice for any audiophile this season.

    Crystal clear, professional sound reproduction. Specially designed to minimize background noise. Comfortable, replaceable cushioned ear pads for hours of enjoyment and so much more.

    Well-built, attractive and backed by legendary Shure quality, the Shure SRH240A Professional Quality Headphones are designed to withstand everyday use.

    If you're looking for a mix of affordability and sound quality performance that won't disappoint grab a pair today!

    3. Set The Holiday Party Mood with Lighting Under $20!


    Know someone who's always on the lookout for the next new novelty item to add to their holiday decorating stash? Well, you've just found it!

    With over 255 colors to chose from including white light, 20+ party mode options and very bright to dim light settings,  the Milight RGBW 9W LED Light Bulb is the ideal gift to set the perfect holiday party mood and show guests a great time.

    But that's not all...the Milight RGBW 9W LED Light Bulb is not just another color-changing LED. Designed for the 21st century, any tech-loving person will appreciate how easily it can be controlled by their iPhone, iPad, iPod or any Android device - from anywhere in the world!

    Sleek, easy to install, energy-saving, environmentally-friendly and lasting for up to 25 years....this is a gift that will keep on shining.

    From all of us here at PacRad - we wish you happy savings and a very happy holiday season!

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  • Henry Engineering Makes All the Difference

    Posted on October 15, 2014 by Jessie Phillips

    In 1982 Hank Landsberg was working as Director of Engineering for Drake-Chenault, a radio programming producer in Canoga Park, CA. Much of the original studio gear at this time was actually consumer "hi-fi" equipment and so Hank spent many hours building "booster amplifiers" to interface this unbalanced equipment with the balanced audio consoles. He realized that other engineers might also be having this problem and thus Henry Engineering was founded. Hank first designed The Matchbox HD, thinking he'd sell a few hundred to local professionals. 32 years later, this is still Henry's best selling product with over 75,000 units sold worldwide.

    What sets Henry products apart? Performance and reliability. With most of their products manufactured in the USA, they are the ONLY company that makes solution products that are 1/3 rack-width and have built-in AC power supply. They do not use "wall warts" because the limited voltage degrades product performance and reduces reliability. Henry products have an established reputation for exceptional performance, very long-term reliability and affordable pricing. Over 100,000 have been sold to audio professionals worldwide and thousands are still in service after 25+ years of continuous use.

    The Henry Engineering Matchbox HD quickly and easily connects consumer gear to professional equipment, eliminating the hum, buzz and distortion caused by mismatched levels and impedance. It is ideal for devices that play and record and offers a true 100dB S/N ratio, with 22 dB of headroom to yield 122 dB of dynamic range. A bi-directional unit, it employs four independent amplifiers to convert stereo inputs and outputs from unbalanced -10 dBv levels to +4 dBm balanced 600 ohm lines. The Matchbox HD has an internal power supply and at 1/3 rack width, can be mounted using the optional rack shelf, or wall mounted with optional wall/cabinet mounting brackets.

    Henry Engineering - The Matchbox HD Pro Stereo Interface Amplifier Henry Engineering - The Matchbox HD Pro Stereo Interface Amplifier. Starting at $195 @


    Quickly catching up to its analog counterpart, is the USB Matchbox II - a professional USB-to-XLR multi-mode stereo audio codec.  Essentially, it takes the best features of Henry's previous USB products and puts them into one box. It features balanced analog inputs and outputs on XLRs, plus an AES/EBU digital output and a handy headphone jack on the front panel. Just plug-and-play for great audio with USB convenience and Henry reliability. The USB Matchbox II is ideal wherever computer audio needs to interface with a professional analog or digital audio system.

    The USB Matchbox II Multi-Mode Professional Codec at Pacific Radio The USB Matchbox II Multi-Mode Professional Codec.
    Starting at $539 at


    The Henry Engineering Rack Mount Shelf is constructed of steel for durability and has a tough black finish that prevents rust and scratching.  Specifically designed to fit up to three Henry Engineering units on a single rack shelf.



    Join Pacific Radio and Henry Engineering for a hands-on product demo and training at our store in Burbank, CA. October 28th 12-2pm. Hank Landsberg will be covering new products as well as the tried and true best sellers. We hope to see you there!

    Pacific Radio October Lunch & Learn With Henry Engineering - RSVP

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  • Great Systems Need Great Racks

    Posted on July 31, 2014 by Jessie Phillips

    Mid-Atlantic Electronics Racks

    Racks and Enclosures are the spine of any modern AV and Networking installation.  These metal structures provide the foundation to support electronic equipment, power, cooling and cable management. At Pacific Radio we carry a large selection of Middle-Atlantic Products' racks and cabinets - with many accessories and options that let you customize for your installation.

    A well designed A/V rack can keep your system operating smoothly, save you time working on projects and is easy to adapt/upgrade when your needs change.  But every situation is different and there is no off-the-rack solution (pardon the pun) that fits everyone's needs. So whether you need a smaller wall mounted rack or a full floor multi-rack system - you can customize it with Mid-Atlantic frames and accessories.

    Wall Mounted Rack middle atlantic

    Middle Atlantic's DWR wall cabinets provide easy rear access while keeping floor areas clear. 

    Full Size Equipment Rack Middle Atlantic

    Gangable and Stand Alone Floor Racks in a variety of sizes with side and door panels available to suit your needs

    Rack Cooling Fans Middle Atlantic


    A wide array of cooling products to meet your system's thermal management needs

    Rack Mounted Power Supply Middle Atlantic


    US Engineered power systems for reliable, accessible, safe power distribution to your rack mounted equipment.

    Rack Shelves Drawers Middle Atlantic

    Rack Shelves can be static, adjustable or sliding to fit your needs. Drawers come in several sizes with optional Locking capability.

    Rack Accessories Middle Atlantic

    Wheels, Lighting, Cable management features - all designed to help you get the most out of your rack.

    If you need help designing a rack to fit your needs feel free to call the Pacific Radio team - we can help get you the set up you need.

    And if you're in the Los Angeles area be sure to join us for our upcoming Lunch & Learn event with Middle Atlantic Products!  Their product demo will include a visit with the Middle Atlantic training truck.  For more details and to RSVP please click on the banner below.

    Middle Atlantic Training


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  • Meet Our Staff: Sean Hanna

    Posted on July 22, 2014 by Jessie Phillips

    Sean Hanna, Website Administrator

    Sean Hanna
    Website Administrator

    Sean's been working for Pacific Radio for just about 2 years.  Although born in Laguna Niguel, CA, he spent most of his childhood in Houston, Texas. But LA is where he's always felt he belongs.  His father designed micro-processors and Sean has been into computers and audio engineering/production ever since he was a kid.

    He began playing around with web design in 2002 and found out he was good at it.  Boy are we glad he did - he's the brains behind all things web-based at Pac! Everything about the design and functionality of our website gets him excited. And he loves thinking of new ways to create a great user experience for our online customers.

    When he's not coding for us, you can find him at home hanging with his 12-year old pug, writing music, playing video games, or meeting up with friends to check out electronic music shows.  Thanks for your creative ideas and initiative in Serving the Professionals through the web!

    (Previously shared in our July 16, 2014 Newsletter)

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  • Meet Our Staff: Rudy Mendoza

    Posted on July 22, 2014 by Jessie Phillips

    Rudy Mendoza - Sales and NoShorts Supervisor

    Rudy Mendoza

    Rudy has worked at Pacific Radio for just about 2 years. He brings a fresh and current industry knowledge to our sales team and also oversees some of our coolest custom designs coming out of NoShorts. Rudy first got into Electronics about 5 years ago when he began studying Audio Engineering. His opportunity to work with "The Amber Melody Project" as an intern got him working with studio equipment outside of class. He got his first studio job in 2011 with "King Dave" as an assistant engineer and from there he was hooked! Rudy's passion is for making music and performing.

    Born and raised in Los Angeles, he loves the nightlife, proximity to the beach and having all his friends close by. On the weekends you can find him hanging with his family or out with friends at one of his favorite venues in Hollywood. Although not really much of a modern band guy he follows a lot of local DJs, including Clockwork, Carnage and Mercer - and loves classics like Sublime and Alice in Chains.

    His favorite part of working for PacRad is having the opportunity to talk with the industry professionals doing what he aspires to do - making Grammy award winning music! We know someday we'll see you on the red carpet - but in the meantime we're happy to have you on the Pac team!

    Thanks for bringing your passion and experience while Serving the Professionals with us!

    (previously shared in our June 12, 2014 Newsletter)

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  • Fiber Optics For Your Network

    Posted on July 15, 2014 by Jessie Phillips

    Fiber Optics for your Local Area Network

    Fiber Optic Cables.

    Not so long ago Fiber Optic Cables were a far-off concept, mostly used to transmit data over great distances. But as demand for more and faster data transmission increases, fiber optics are taking center stage. In recent years, the replacement of street-level cabling with fiber optics has been bringing better broadband service to homes and businesses. The next step is moving this network technology indoors.

    Rapid changes are underway in both the data center and equipment closet.  As a result, new installation and maintenance techniques are being employed within enterprise applications. Passive Optical Network (PON) applications are quickly making their way into hospitals, universities, campuses, hotels, casinos, and high occupancy buildings. Fiber is no longer limited to just access equipment - single user fiber connectivity is now a reality.

    When managing a data center, or local area network, maximizing your uptime is key - and that means having a reliable and efficient system in place. TE Connectivity's TruNet Fiber Panel System (TFP) offers efficient deployment, user-friendly design and superior functionality.

    TFP TruNet Series at

    The TFP series are modular and configurable for a variety of uses. Build your system with a combination of TFP Rack Frames, Adapter Packs and Adapter Cassettes. The Adapter Packs utilize ADC KRONE's angled design for easy access and exceptional cable management. The TrueNet Fibre Panels' functionality can be extended with its MPO plug-and-play angled cassettes. The Adapter Cassettes snap into place effortlessly and even come from the factory pre labelled with simple installation instructions.

    • A modified hinge design that allows easy removal of the panel's door
    • An extra latch to facilitate plugging and unplugging patch cords;
    • Three locking points on the sliding tray: one for easily making moves, adds and changes, one for smooth installation, and the other at the closed position;
    • Extra depth in the new chassis for improved slack storage (15+ inches); and
    • User-friendly latches on the rear cover

    TE Connectivity's TFP fiber panels can be ordered in different rack unit sizes and are completely modular to configure to a variety of applications. The unique modular adapter packs incorporate an angled adapter design to allow easy access to each port and superior cable management and bend radius protection.

    To learn more join us at our Lunch & Learn event in Burbank, CA July 30th!

    TE Connectivity Lunch & Learn Event

    (TE Connectivity and ADC have merged to become a leading Electronics/Communications Design & Manufacturing Company)

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