Custom Cable Solutions from Pacific Radio Electronics

Is standard stock cable falling short? Looking for a reliable custom cable manufacturer?

Leave the building of all your custom cable assemblies to the experts at PacRad. Knowing that a dedicated and experienced team are taking care to build and deliver your custom cables in a timely manner, can put your mind at ease, as you handle other key aspects of your project.

Why Pacrad Custom Cables
Off-the-shelf cable won’t work with difficult applications, and custom cable from Pacrad could be the answer. If you need a special cable built to your unique specifications, we can manufacture it for you.

  • We offer a wide range of custom cables and cable assemblies for professional use in Audio, Video, Broadcast and Data applications.
  • Hand crafted, and fully tested for quality performance!
  • Most popular products include Analog audio cables, Digital audio cables, Analog audio snakes, Digital audio snakes, Mic cables, DMX cables, HD cables, SDI BNC cables, RG58 Antenna cables, XLR, DB9, Bantam, Patch cords and more.

Why Choose Custom Cable

  • Optimal Performance: Since custom cable is built to your exact specifications, it results in ideal performance for the application it’s being built for. When you buy custom cable, you have full control over the design, material, tolerances and more — which are critical in industrial and commercial applications.
  • Connectivity and speed: Your application performance is only as good as the cables supporting it. Inferior cables can result in poor connections and low networking speeds. Custom cables improve connectivity and speed, elevating performance.
  • Durability and Longevity: Custom cables can be designed to be tear proof and waterproof, and can be built to withstand heat, cold, rain, dust, and excessive vibrations. In other words, since they are built for a particular environment and application, they’ll last much longer under those conditions than their generic counterparts.
  • Cost Savings: Custom cables are built with optimal performance, durability and longevity in mind, so you are sure to save time and money by avoiding system breakdowns and cable replacement costs due to stock cable options that just don’t cut it.

Pacrad is Your Leading Custom Cable Manufacturer

  • Skilled custom cable technicians — You can count on our many years of expertise and knowledge of cable and wire to ensure you get the ideal custom cable for your application.
  • Full service custom cable manufacturer — Our custom cable builder enables you to have complete control on the design, materials and labeling on your cables.
  • Small minimums — Whether you need one cable or a thousand, we offer small minimums to large volume orders to serve all your AV integration needs.
  • Quick lead times — Need a quick turnaround? We’ve got your back. We can get the pro-quality custom cables you need, quickly, and you can even re-order past cables in minutes.

Build Your Custom Cable Online

Ready to get started? Design your own pro-quality audio, video and data custom cables online in minutes with our user-friendly custom cable builder!

Get started by clicking the link below:
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Have questions or need help? Please email or call (800) 634-9476 to speak with a Pacrad custom cable representative.